What are your stories – the ones you tell yourself and the ones you tell others?  Finding the answer to that question holds the key to significant change, richer connections, and the pathway to profound empathy for yourself and others.

Storyclouding™ is a way to build empathy through discovering and exploring our shared stories using language and art. Through guided exploration of the topic, goal, or problem, we build a collection of words designed to shift the story in a specific direction, or envision something new.  Those words are then placed in relationship to a figure drawing, with careful attention to position and color.  The end result is a Wordcloud portrait, a visual reminder and piece of intensely personal art.  Wordcloud portraits may also be commissioned for individuals.

Em, owner of Me Out Loud LLC, works with individuals or in groups, with a focus on the intersection of empathy, collaboration, and personal expression.  Her extensive education and experience in facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution, and team-building, combined with the joy of making art with others result in an experience filled with grace, insight, and warmth.

Share your story, share your soul.