What is Storyclouding?

Storyclouding™ is a unique visual processing method that taps both the right and left side of the brain, using our intellectual, intuitive, and kinesthetic intelligences.  Using more of our brain, in any endeavor, provides more pathways to understanding of both ourselves and others.

Through a guided process, participants select a topic, build a Word Collection, create individual or shared Wordcloud portraits, then debrief the session.  The process of creating art automatically shifts the brain into a different, more open space, which is useful with challenging topics.  Using the resulting artifact (or artifacts) as the topic of discussion (instead of the individuals) provides a layer of safety resulting in potential for deeper connection.

For individuals, Storyclouding™ can provide deep insight into the words we use to think about ourselves, and begin a process of reshaping our internal monologue. Building Wordcloud Portraits™ is especially useful in before and after scenarios, using art to build a sense of safety and grace around difficult moments.

For small creative teams, Storyclouding™ provides a canvas they can use to closely examine how ideas resonate with the team as a whole, and its individual members. Through the word selection process, team members gain insight into how they think about particular words, address unspoken assumptions, and clarify meaning. Placing words inside a human shape adds a dimension, humanizing both the idea and its originator.