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Feeling inspired to start Storyclouding™ but not sure of its benefits?  The Storyclouding™ method has three immediate advantages:

  • The connection between the body, language, and art is a fascinating and deeply meaningful exploration.
  • We are all valuable, creative beings who long for self-expression. Storyclouding provides a way to incorporate the various aspects of our being into a visual reminder of our goals, dreams, and aspirations.
  • Using art to facilitate difficult conversations, personal growth, or getting a creative team unstuck is a unique, insightful, and gentle approach to often-difficult and volatile moments.

If you’ve found that you are uninspired, seeking a vision of yourself that aligns with your talents, value, and inner beauty, OR your team is having the same disagreements, chasing the same rabbits, continually uninspired and bored with themselves, OR you are caught in a moment of time – reliving an argument, painful self-talk, or decision, Storyclouding™ is for you.

Let Marie help you discover the stories you are telling and visually shift them to match your best self.  Contact her (or check out this great intro offer!) to schedule a session for yourself or your team.