Storyclouding for Healing

Storyclouding™ is a restorative approach to difficult conversations and healing.  It holds profound potential for building empathy and increasing compassion, using art as a practical approach to deeply personal and often painful topics.

With difficult topics, sitting down for face to face conversation is not always the best first step.  Storyclouding™ provides another avenue – a way to peel back our initial layers of defense, assumptions, and stereotypes without intensifying conflict or damaging fragile relationships.  There are three immediate benefits to using Storyclouding™

  1. Using an artistic approach expands thinking to both the right and left brain
  2. Sharing stories builds rapport and demonstrates commonality
  3. Creating an artifact provides a way to have difficult conversations centered on the artifact rather than the individual

The resulting Wordcloud Portraits™ serve as a tangible reminder of our best selves, the self that inspires us to reach and grow.  Discovering these stories using art, language, and the human image provides a path of exploration that allows us to open our hearts and acknowledge our shared humanity before we sit down for harder conversations.

Start exploring your stories now!